Is your life, your marriage, or your family in trouble?

You're likely visiting this website because something in your life is not working and you don't know what to do. If this sounds familiar, then there's one word that perhaps best describes your situation—STUCK.

You're not alone. Life is tricky. When times get tough, it's hard to know who to trust and where to turn. Is it any wonder so many people suffer with stress, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem?

To make matters worse, people are reluctant to discuss their struggles out loud. It is much safer to keep what happens hidden deep inside.

Our Approach

We believe change occurs when enough safety and trust enter the room so that your therapist can challenge you, and you can challenge right back.

We believe the best way to pace therapy is to participate in the fewest number of sessions across the longest period of time.

Your Well-Being

If you have tried many different ways to solve the problems you now face, or if you're struck doing what you have always done, consider familyWORKZ for individual, couples or family counseling.

Specialty Counseling Services

familyWORKZ offers the following unique counseling services to help you deal with life's challenges.

valuable SELF


Relationships define who we are, while our minds tell us who we should be. Our sense of self is shaped by this tug-of-war.


valuable MARRIAGE


Marriage is a radically strange hybrid of trust, truth and intimate connection. When it comes together, life is good.




The key to dealing effectively with the crazy ups and downs of childrearing is refining your own personal parenting style.


Valuable DIVORCE


Order versus chaos. Take your pick. There is a choice. Learn how to keep the family together after the marriage.


Life Support


Stabilizing crises; inspiring hope and change; facilitating resiliency, growth & well-bring; fostering long-term success in home, school & community